Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | July 12, 2010


Hats off, once again, to XKCD:


  1. There’s a bonus for those who hover their mouse over the comic!

  2. That is a brilliant way to point out the flaws in that thinking.

    I still remember the complete conniptions I had when a friend told me she took her daughter to a homeopath for strep throat. :headdesk:

  3. Thinking error my dear,

    !!!the diluted substance is used to cure/prevent symptomes it causes when pure.!!!

    So the diluted semen is doing exactly that what it is supposed to do from homeophatic way of thinking.

    Preventing pregnancy 😉

    Also diluted fat and sugar will keep you from getting fat.

    Just be carefull not to get undiluted stuff into your system 😉

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