Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | July 1, 2010

Once And For All

Which is the correct pronunciation?




However it’s pronounced, it’s annoying as all hell. Still, having heard it on the radio differently from how I read it out loud on the screen, I don’t want to sound ignorant while discussing how ridiculously annoying it is.

Thank you for your assistance.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled DinoBlogging.



  1. As a true South African, I can assure you it is vu-VOO-zeh-la. And if you want to know annoying, try to sleep in your home (between calls, of course) near a stadium where a match is being played…

  2. Where were you raised?

    It is voo-voo-zeh-la.

  3. Matt is right.

  4. Matt is indeed right. No syllable is emphasised when I’ve heard any South African say it. Third syllable may be more of an /e/gg than a w/eigh/ type sound but that might be a regional difference or depending on the speaker’s first language.

  5. What Matt said. I’m South African by birth. No one syllable is pronounced more than another.

    BTW, did you know the vuvuzela has migrated to the universe of the Lord of the Rings? See for the video.


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