Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | June 18, 2010

That Was Quick

Ignore the previous post. Latest email claims the Senate has now averted the 21% Medicare cut.

Told you so.


  1. Was the proposed cut to go across all procedures and consultations, all specialties? Quite frankly, there are some specialties and procedures that deserve a 21% cut, while others deserve a 21% raise.

  2. Not exactly. Because they didn’t act by Thursday, CMS is processing all claims from June 1-June 17 @ 21% cut. You will then need to resubmit these claims (@ considerable expense to both you and CMS) to get the 21%. I actually wish they would just put the cuts through and get on with it. Then I’m out and the doc down the hall is either out or goes out of business and even the big hospital supported nonprofit will feel the strain and try to compensate by decreasing appointment times to 5 minutes. Basically, I’d like to tell congress, let’s get on with it! See if you can handle the heat from the AARP. This is why you get paid the big bucks to make these hard decisions but you have just been postponing this one for 5 years. Yes, it will be hard for me and my patients. I’ll probably have to let my medical assistant go and start billing myself, take it away from the billing service. There goes 1.5 FTE on unemployement. But @ 21% cut with fixed overhead and only 24 hours in each day, I could no longer make it up on volume. I still have an active teaching credential (Chemistry) and if congress and insurers expect me to do more of my current job (12 hours per day, 7 days a week, 24/7/365 call) for the same salary I would make as a teacher with 13 weeks vacation and a pension they are sadly mistaken.

  3. Well, whoop dee doo, we’re back on death row (so to speak) for a few more months. Our family practice is making plans to reduce our Medicare exposure (for the nonMD readers, yep, that means we won’t be seeing as many Medicare patients…and those of you who have a problem with granny not being able to find a doctor can start writing your Congressmen now). That way we’ll be ready when the thing eventually happens, but if a miracle occurs and they fix the thing, no harm done.

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