Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | June 3, 2010

I Hear Things

Overheard, clearly from someone who is no fan of the new health care bill:

What they should really do with that 2000 page bill is take it down to the Gulf of Mexico and use it to plug up that oil well!


  1. LOL. Good idea!

  2. Good idea. Having retired from emergency services and having to ‘negotiate’ (this is municipality speak for “hold off on starting to pay the former employee until they go away or die”) my retirement, I have been without health ins. for five years. I prefer this over the new health care bill. I have a lot of patience.

    I am afraid the bill will affect doctors to the point that they will not wish to practice. My dermatologist already retired early due to astronomical malpractice insurance fees (and no, he has never been sued).

    Already doctors in the state have made announcements concerning the bill taking effect, and either charging an hourly fee for patients who wish their office personel to fill out the requisite forms or, the patients may pay cash for the appointment and fill out the forms themselves.

    How is this helping>

  3. I’m sorry, but any dermatologist (very high income) who says they are forced to retire because of their malpractice rates (very low, compared to other docs) is giving you a line.

  4. Heh, talk about a junk dump. There have at least 535 copies that no one read. 435 in Congress, 100 in the Senate.

  5. To add to the disgrunt, why are they banning OTC medicine from the list of eligible flexible spending? That’s effectively adding tax burden (even if little) to the average working person holding a typical job.

  6. Dermatologists are probably the LEAST affected by this bill.

  7. I suppose plugging it with the 535 drooling, syphilitic, brain-dead idiots in Washington — along with their similarly afflicted Dear Leader — is out of the question?

  8. There are lots of bills here in the UK that could plug up any number of disasters!

  9. @CalvinsMom, no we can’t use the legislators themselves. They are a slippery lot and would never stay put in the pipe.

  10. Too true, better to stick with the mountains of paper. But maybe we could add some bureaucrats-they’re incredibly sticky since no one elects them and they never leave. I suggest starting with CMS and their contractors, and maybe some JACHO as well.

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