Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | May 17, 2010

Barbie Noir

I’m working on a novel. Really, I am. I was about halfway through it when I was invited to write Declarations of a Dinosaur; 10 Laws I’ve Learned as a Family Doctor, and I really have gone back to it. It’s just going kind of slowly.

I also must admit that blogging has been a little slower as well. As with other things in life, interest ebbs and flows.

As for writing, though, I am BACK, baby! Sort of. Check out this writing challenge:

Today on his hike, Gary discovered, in a pile, a miniature Barbie doll, the head of a regular sized Ken doll, and several bullet shells.

Whoever writes the best story explaining how this collection of objects got there will win a pair of socks, hand knit to your specifications by [the blogger].

So I did. Here. Or if you’re literally too lazy to lift a finger, here:

Barbie started at the sudden noise, then relaxed as she realized it was only an owl hooting in the distance. No one had followed her. There. The hole was deep enough. She fought back tears as she gently laid the small body in the earth. There. No one could hurt her anymore. One more burden lay on the car seat; this time, Barbie’s tears were of white hot anger as she tossed the head of her former lover into the makeshift grave. He had been everything to her, until she caught him with the child; their child, naked from the bath, strangled with a towel. No one should do that to a child. She’d shot him where he stood, then dismembered the body and scattered the pieces. Just the head remained, and she threw it into the hole with disdain. Quickly, she tossed the bullet shells in after; no evidence must remain, and she had to be getting back. No telling what would happen if she were found missing.


Susan sighed as she gazed into her old toy box. It seemed like there was never any time for play anymore. Life had become so complicated; homework, fighting with her parents, worrying about boys. Her eye fell on her old Barbie doll, its face placid and lovely. I wish I could be her, thought Susan. Then I wouldn’t have anything to worry about ever again.

Technically it only counts as flash fiction (defined as less than 1000 words), weighing in at a paltry 234 words. Still, it’s the first original writing I’ve done in longer than I want to admit a while, and it’s whet my appetite for more. So while DS is away this week in jollye olde Englande, I’ll be getting back to that novel! Look out, sharks, here I come.

Head over to the original post (link above) and check out the comment trail for other entries.



  1. If she did that to Ken, what would she do to a teddy bear! *Gasps!!*

    Very good! Very funny!

  2. ‘Jollye olde Englande’ – Hmmm. We like vowels but you credit us with far too many !!!! We are not really that jolly these days with our hung Parliament, budget deficit the size of California, B. Obama not really liking us…. but never mind, the sun is shining (WOW) – Diana is still dead, we still drive on the left and for goodness sake do not let your DS go anywhere near an NHS hospital…. !
    Keep up the writing, it’s very good therapy!!!

  3. Hurray harrah! Dino’s writing again. ‘Bout damned time, lady! I know Sharkie will be thrilled.

  4. Fossil –
    Update from DS…

    My week across the pond visiting the midlands is over. I successfully stayed away from any NHS hospitals and only tried getting into the wrong side of a car once!!

    Could not have asked for better weather.

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