Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | May 8, 2010

Lady Gaga is Officially *Out*

I have no style.

If a song or kind of clothing is “in”, I hate it. I think it looks stupid, and I wouldn’t be caught dead in it. Shoes, belts, pants, whatever; the hotter the fashionistas think it is, the less attractive I find it.

It’s not just clothes. Music. Art. Cars. You name it; I have no style.

In fact, I have anti-style. By the time I decide I actually like something, it’s guaranteed to be utterly last year (last decade; whatever).

What I like is so consistently “out” that my taste practically defines “passe”.

So when a patient told me about this video last week (and of course I had to go check out the original first) I found my self, er, gaga over Lady Gaga. I love the retro rock-disco beat, and I can’t get the song out of my head. In fact, I did something I had never done before: I actually spent money on iTunes for music for my new iTouch. That’s right: I bought a Lady Gaga album. And I can’t stop listening to it. I love it.

And that can mean only one thing. If I like it, it must be passe. Sorry, Lady Gaga. You are officially no longer hot.

Because the alternative is that I’m actually hip. Even a little. And we know what the chances are of that.



  1. Kate is horrifed that I like Lady Gaga.

  2. Have you seen the soldier one?

  3. I didn’t really like her until I was baffled by an acoustic performance of hers. You really should watch It’s great!

  4. I am continually amazed at the lyrics of songs and how they define love. Really – is this the kind of relationship you want your daughter in? Or is this the kind of loving that will bring her to the ER and destroy her life? THis should not be celebrated! Read some of the lyrics of Cole Porter, Gershwin, and some of the others from the 20s – 50s. They are tender and romantic, not celebrations of sadomascochism. Sad, sad commentary.

  5. You have an ‘i’ anything? how can you be out of touch! Teenagers wouldn’t be seen dead without their i-whatever. Thats why I dont have one. I have a mobile, a portable hard drive with all my music on, a laptop, but no ‘i’s.

  6. I know exactly what you mean…… I am always years out of date … Call it retro. If it stands the test of time, I might even like it. One of my younger members of staff once wandered into my office and commented on the music playing….. They asked the name of the band….. It’s The Beatles FGS !!!! I told him. At that moment I knew I was very old!!!!

  7. The ‘i’s’ don’t have it.

    My 3 year-old Godson looked at my brick of a cell phone and ask me “What does it do?” Baffled, I said “Why, it makes and gets phone calls!,” … “Is that all?” he said. He looked so disgusted.

    I’m confused, isn’t that what you want a phone to do? Since when do I need to be passively entertained by everything I own?

  8. @Pam: I agree completely; the lyrics suck. But the beat is irresistible.

    @Amanda: the iTouch is mainly for Epocrates, replacing my PDA for the office. I have a separate phone; though it does take pictures (the iT doesn’t) and has a keyboard for texting.

  9. She has a double whammy against her: I like her, too, and I have a similar track record with my favorites dropping to obscurity.

    And yes, I love retro, too. 🙂

  10. I’ve always been ‘out’ of fashion too, but when I was a teenager the clothes I wore and the music I listened to suddenly became acceptable by everyone else and I discovered I was a hippy!!

    Can’t say Lady Gaga quite does it for me, and I’ve still not got an ‘i’ anything. My mobile phone died recently and I didn’t bother to revive it, that’s how ‘hip’ I am!

  11. You are hipper than you give yourself credit…comparing Apps during a routine medical exam is way cool. However, I acknowledge that my “vintage” Izod cardigan is most definitely out but remain hopeful that what was once old will become new again. My penny loafers wait patiently for the day.

  12. I am with you Dino 100% and if you would have told me I would flip over Lady Gaga music well….I’m just sayin but then Clapton,Eagles and Moody Blues are really my first choice but then for my gramma I love Patsy Cline and for my daughter I love DMB and the hubby well that guy was my mentor in music love so I decided NOTHINGS out! we should try it all!

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