Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | March 29, 2010

Waiting and Seeing

I’m a sporadic participant in Grand Rounds. I don’t submit every week, but now and then, when I’ve written something I think is especially cogent, I’ll sent it along. This week, I decided one of my recent posts was Grand Rounds-worthy, so off it went.

Unfortunately, I missed the fine print about this week’s theme, which is Health Care Reform.

I haven’t bothered writing much on my blog about “health care reform” for a couple of reasons. First, no one’s doing a damn thing about actual “health CARE reform”; the whole thing is all about health INSURANCE reform, and the sloppy syntax has really been pissing me off. Second, Americans don’t seem to understand the concept of “insurance” in conjunction with health care, so the robber baron “insurance” companies are basically medical payment brokers.

The real problem with American health care is Americans, who demand the latest, biggest, and shiniest, balk at having to pay for it, and feel entitled to monetary gain through litigation whenever something goes wrong. I’ve seen enough things come and go (managed care, capitation, vertical integration) in my twenty years of solo practice that my tried and true strategy is to wait and see.

That’s my take on the recent Federal goings-on.

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