Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | February 20, 2010

Enough with Curling Already

Curling: the most ridiculous “sport” *ever*. And now it’s in the Olympics?? For crying out loud, it’s just shuffleboard on ice!

Since when has MSNBC become the all-curling, all the time station?? Enough!

It’s just fucking shuffleboard. On ice. With big stones instead of little disks. And people running down the ice next to them sweeping the ice trying to make the stone go j-u-s-t where they want it to.

There are people watching this stuff. Live. And cheering! Chanting U-S-A, as if it were a hockey game or an actual athletic competition. Watch; next thing you know, someone will be petitioning to add tiddlywinks to the summer games. Or jacks! Now there’s a sport! I excelled in it at summer camp. Maybe I can try out for the team!

But no. Instead, we have Curling.




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