Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | January 7, 2010

Yet Another Reason Why Assumptions are a Bad Idea

Because of various insurance requirements, I am forced to use a certain lab (call them “Mission” Laboratories) for almost all my patients. For us dinosaur offices, the lab still provides us with a large doorstop of a book that contains all the information about how to order the various tests they offer. Although we have lab forms pre-printed with the vast majority of things we frequently order, there are times when I still have to go to the book to look up a specific test. Which I did the other day. And got a phone call from the lab:

“What test do you want?”

“I wrote the name and the number from your book,” I answer, reciting the name and number back to them.

“That’s an obsolete test number. It’s not in use anymore. How old is your book?”


“Please call Client Supplies and have them send you a new one.”

So we did, and they did. All was fine (so I thought) until today, when I get another call about a test ordered yesterday:

“What test do you want?”

“Test number @#$%. I wrote it on the slip, and I got it from the new book I just got. It’s right there on page 186.”

“I’m looking at page 186, Doctor, and there’s no such test on that page.”


Finally, DinoStaffer “D” notices that the book, while announcing “2009” in large friendly numbers at the top of the cover, says “New York/New Jersey” in smaller letters further down.

Epic WTF?

Why on earth would “Mission” Laboratories send a New York/New Jersey reference book to a Pennsylvania office?? The DinoStaff came up with a thought.

DinoStaffer “B” is a lovely person, but her native origins are clear the instant she opens her mouth. Our suspicion is that upon hearing her heavy New Yawk accent, “Mission” Lab immediately assumed that they knew her location…and sent us the wrong fricking book.

We have requested a replacement. This time, DinoStaffer “D” made the call. She is Pennsylvania born and bred.

We shall see.


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