Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | November 23, 2009

Count Me In

I received an email from a needlephobic friend acknowledging my generally negative stance toward quackery alternative medicine, but asking me to make an exception for this:

Dark Chocolate: The New Anti-Anxiety Drug?

The results of this new study are intriguing and shed more light on the biochemical basis behind dark chocolate’s health benefits.

Okay; I’ll bite (pun deliciously intended). The idea that consumption of dark chocolate could have a favorable effect on high-anxiety individuals seems plausible. Theobromine and other compounds found in chocolate are structurally similar to other psychoactive compounds such as caffeine. Thus, the hypothesis isn’t completely out there. However the study was very small, comprised of only 30 subjects. In the face of these promising preliminary findings, I think the only responsible response is to call for further study.

Lots of it. Study, that is. With chocolate. Dark chocolate. Very dark chocolate.

Furthermore, because of the debilitating nature of anxiety and the vital importance of following up on any possible breakthroughs in its treatment, I would even be willing to volunteer for these very important studies.

As long as there is lots of chocolate.


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