Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | November 10, 2009

By Request

An email received from one of my two readers (who aren’t related to me):

So – post something about the new health care legislation!!!


Excuse me??

Um, what exactly are you talking about???

There was a ridiculously large, abstruse bill passed in Washington that no one actually read all the way through which included explicit provisions for payment for pseudoscientific religious nonsense (Section 125) along with financial incentives to states for not trying to address the issue of tort reform, among other provisions that don’t actually mean anything until some unelected bureaucrats write the rules that will actually be implemented.

Once actually written and implemented, though, nothing in this bill does or says anything about health care. Rather, what is attempting to be reformed is payment for health care. Please note that I am even refraining from using the word “insurance” in this context, because “health insurance” as commonly used in this country at this time is not actually “insurance” in any linguistic meaning of the word. What we call “health insurance” is actually brokered payment for health care services.

Nothing about actual health care anywhere to be seen.

My bottom line response to the passage of this bill and other shenanigans currently being perpetrated in our nation’s capital: move on; there’s nothing here.


  1. Actually, there is one tiny little provision that changes the definition of “medical services” for Medicaid purposes – the current definition of “medical services” is payment for those services. The new definition includes providing those services.

    No one is quite sure exactly what that means (or, to be more specific, what it will be interpreted as meaning), but the current best guess is that it means that states will be on the hook for making sure that their Medicaid Fee for Service and Managed Care Plan provider panels are large and varied enough to cover all the possible specialists Medicaid enrollees might need to see, and numerous enough to have a reasonable wait period to see whatever doctors they need.

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