Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | August 24, 2009

Digest This

Maureen Mackey, of Reader’s Digest Book Fare blog, has this to say about my book:

Do you feel fine? Really? Or are you ignoring a physical symptom (small, big, or somewhere in between) that’s been nagging you?

Either way, check out this captivating insight from a new book, Declarations of a Dinosaur: 10 Laws I’ve Learned as a Family Doctor by Lucy E. Hornstein, M.D. (Kaplan Publishing, August 09, $24.95)

That would be from the Second Law of the Dinosaur: It is impossible to make an asymptomatic patient feel better.

Go read it (if you haven’t yet).

Oh, by the way:

Thanks so much to whoever left the wonderful message on my home answering machine last night telling me how much you enjoyed the book, how amazing it was and what a great job I did on it.

Um, just one thing though: I’m so sorry I didn’t recognize your voice. Who are you?


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