Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | June 16, 2009

So This is What Being Thrown Under the Bus Feels Like

I caught a little snippet of President Obama’s speech to the AMA yesterday evening on my way home. Accompanied by groans, the president chuckled as he admitted, “I’m not advocating caps on malpractice awards…” (full text here for context. Hint: it makes no difference.)

I had a powerful sense of deja vu:

Sitting in my office facing a diabetic with an A1c over 10, stating unequivocally that he had no intention of discontinuing his daily diet of potato chips and ice cream or beginning an exercise program. Yet somehow he still considered me responsible for controlling his diabetes.

I’m sorry: it just doesn’t work that way.

Mr. President, you can talk all you want about reining in runaway health care costs, but malpractice litigation is a powerful whip helping to drive those costs. What you claim to want simply cannot happen in the current malpractice climate that is the United States of America, and no amount of eloquent speechifying can make it so.


Darling Spouse’s cynicism (proven right) aside, my prediction that nothing effective will come of all the DC health care reform sturm und drang also seems to be coming true.


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