Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | May 9, 2009

When More is Less (or Vice Versa?)

A lady comes in on the day she takes her last blood pressure pill for a checkup and a refill.

Her blood pressure is well controlled, the rest of her exam is normal, she’s all caught up on her preventive care, so I go to write her refill.

Would she prefer a 30-day or a 90-day supply of her medication, I ask.

30 days, please. She can get them for $4.00 at her supermarket’s pharmacy.

Ah, I respond. Did she know they would also give her 90 pills for $10.00?

Yes, as it happened; she was aware of this fact. But it turns out that for every four prescriptions she fills at the pharmacy, they give her a coupon good for 10% off her next grocery order, so she makes sure it’s a big one; $250.00 at least.


12 x $4.00 = $48.00 per year for pills.
3 x $25.00 (10% of her $250 grocery bill) = $75.00 off on food —> up $27.00 on the year.


4 x $10.00 = $40.00 for pills
1 x $25.00 = $25.00 off on food —> down $15.00 per annum.

Can you tell she used to work as an accountant before she had kids?


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