Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | March 31, 2009

Note to Self

When your agent calls you at work during the day, it’s because she has something important to tell you. (Definition of “important”: something your agent feels warrants more than an email.)

After she has told you what she needs to tell you and you respond appropriately, STFU already! She does not need to hear about the next four books rolling around in your head and your grandiose daydreams about what blockbuster hits they’re going to be. She is presently focused on your current book, as she (and you!) should be. She will listen to you and even laugh at your jokes, mainly because she hasn’t heard them before. They’re funny, but only the first time, so don’t go repeating them three times in the same conversation. Yes, you’re totally floored by the fact that she likes you (given that your feelings for her are somewhere between awe and adoration) but she really does have other important things to do. In general, she will be too polite to cut you off (though don’t push it; I wouldn’t put it past her!) but quit blathering on about stuff she does not need to know yet. Write the f-ing books before you start regaling her with them!

Note to others: This is probably good advice in general.


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