Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | February 12, 2009

United HealthCare; Still Scum of the Earth

Talk about schizophrenic! United HealthCare, here, is supposedly the good guy for buying into the “medical home concept,” a 21st century description of what I and all my fellow FPs have been doing all along but tailored to large group practices. (Don’t believe me? How can you have a “team approach” with one doctor and no nurse?) And yet my personal UHC experience, shared extensively on Sermo, is that they routinely find creative and random ways to deny payment for services they are legitimately contracted to cover.

Maybe that’s where the money is coming from to fund that pilot project in Arizona. Personally, I’d rather get paid for what I’ve already done rather than getting into bed with them for more promises. My experience shows UHC to be one of the most unreliable contractual partners I’ve ever encountered. I would advise any physician to think twice before getting more deeply involved with this ruthless organization.

h/t Kevin


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