Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | November 30, 2008

Panic Defined

Definition of panic: discovering that you somehow inadvertently saved an incomplete version of Chapter 8 on both your flash drive and your home computer.

Symptoms include running around the house cursing up a storm that would make CrankyProf blush, frantically booting up the computer upstairs that used to be in your office, followed by more cursing upon discovering that the machine in question only holds backups through Chapter 7.

Treatment: jumping into car and flying out to office, discovering that Chapter 8 is indeed backed up on paper (an ancient substance used for writing) as well as at least one machine there. Symptoms are further relieved by copying the complete version of the chapter onto flash drive AND emailing it to self, as well as printing out Chapter 9, the latest completed chapter. Equanimity restored by triple-backing up the bulk of completed Chapter 10. (Note: number of chapters in completed work = 10)


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