Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | November 16, 2008

Maudlin Parental Pride

It may come as a surprise to all six of my regular readers, but I have a daughter in addition to my two sons (the Jock and the NinjaBaker, formerly the Nestling.) She and the Jock are twins. I like to tell my friends that I have good news and bad news: the good news is that both of my twins have completed three years of college. The bad news is that no one will graduate this year. The Jock is on the 5-year plan (Darling Spouse calls him a red-shirted senior) and his sister has left the university setting to attend art school.

Make no mistake: I’m fine with this. She’s happy, and we are on the same page about the purpose of education: being able to support herself. Hence her likely major in a commercially viable field such as Graphic Art, although I understand her designation of a major is still technically up in the air.

She’s begun doing some really neat stuff that I can’t resist sharing:

“Line Abstract”

“Sewing Abstract”

Thank you for your indulgence. This ends the test of the Maudlin Parental Pride System. If this were actually a site dedicated to bragging about children, you would have been subjected to countless illustrated posts of the intellectual, artistic, athletic, and other myriad accomplishments of my progeny instead of the occasional such entry. We now return you to your regularly scheduled cynical, curmudgeonly blogging.

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