Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | November 9, 2008

Crazy Cat

Due to some responses to certain past posts, I have become aware that my humble blog occasionally attracts the attention of some members of the Veterinary-American population. I was wondering if any of those fine folks could help me gain some insight into the behavior of one of my cats.

Party Cat (nickname courtesy of the Jock & Friends) is 10 years old and has been with me since he was about 1 year old. I don’t know much about his kittenhood, but I do know he was fostered for awhile in a farm-like environment (ie, outdoors) where he shadowed people quite closely but had no other reported behavioral anomalies.

From the time I’ve had him he has been strictly an indoor minion of Satan cat. Yet from time to time he manages to slip out behind me into the great outdoors — upon which he goes feral! If I can catch him within about thirty seconds or ten feet (whichever comes first) he’s ok, but if he goes any longer or farther than that, he becomes a different animal; he hisses and spits at me, ears pinned back. If I try to reach out to grab him — or even touch him — the claws are out to the point of drawing serious blood.

We’ve learned the hard way not to try going after him with bath towels or the like. If we just wait, he comes in on his own eventually. I know what you’re saying to yourselves: no problem. But it is a problem because he’s not out there happily exploring.

This happened yesterday, and the poor kitty was not happy. Even as he crouched out of reach in the bushes, ears menacingly low, the growls and noises he was emitting sounded more like wails of desperation. He came onto the front porch and wound himself around the furniture like he does around my legs when he wants love, but he still bolted whenever I tried to pet him. I tried tempting him with treats. He came and took them, but wouldn’t come in and still hissed at me when I reached out to touch him. Eventually (ie, hours later) he finally made it all the way across the porch to the door and came in on his own.

Here’s the weird part: the moment he’s back inside, he’s back to his normal, loving self; warp-drive purr and all.

I don’t get it. Any ideas from someone who knows more about cats than I?

Edited to add responses to comments:

Vetnurse: Thanks, I think.
Marcia: We’re up to four. I know for a fact Darling Spouse won’t permit more.

3rd year vet student: Best line evah!! To whit:

Cats are crazy.
Learn it. Live it. Love it.


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