Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | September 27, 2008

When Will They Ever Learn?

Health 2.0 is having a big convention that everyone is getting all excited about, and yet at the same time, RevolutionHealth is on the block.


When are all these ridiculously rich people with money burning a hole in their pockets (which they use to entice other people who perhaps aren’t quite so rich to part with as much of their hard-earned cash as they can convince them to, to further enrich themselves) going to finally figure out that health care is something that by definition cannot happen in cyperspace? All those personal health records might enhance communication (only if people decide they want to use them) but the bottom line is that sick and injured people can only be cared for face to face by a physician (not a provider; not an assistant; not a doctor-nurse) who knows what the hell to do for them right then. No computer will ever replace that. No insurance company will ever be able to provide that.

Not only that, but doctors are not willing to provide that care without being paid for it. Enormous sums of money are being wasted on vast networks of computer advertising that do nothing but shunt bank balances from one billionaire to another, rather than providing any actual health care for American citizens.

The health care system in this country isn’t the least bit broken. It’s working just fine. It’s doing precisely what it’s designed to do, which is to enrich those who know how to game the system by purchasing legislative influence to pass laws which allow them to accumulate ever more vast sums of money. The saddest thing is that those individuals are trying to fill a deep emotional hole in their souls that no amount of money will ever satisfy; it’s just too bad so many other innocent, hard-working souls have to pay for their emotional ignorance.

Heaven help anyone who actually dares to think that the American health care system has anything to do with sick people and the doctors who care for them.


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