Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | September 20, 2008

Anatomical Confusion

Grandmother comes in with kid and mother. Kid has “glue ear;” fluid behind the ear drum so thick and dessicated that it’s like partially dried rubber cement. Hard to hear if your ear drum won’t move because it’s all socked in like that. Kid and mom both want to look (mom, obviously to compare “normal” to kid’s ear; kid because she’s just curious) so I use grandmom as my “normal” model. Unfortunately, grandmom has some wax in her right ear.

As it happens, she (grandmom) starts complaining that she’s having trouble hearing, and can’t I take the wax out.

Which ear are you having trouble hearing out of? I ask.

This one, she says, pointing to the left.

Since the left ear is clear, her hearing issues clearly aren’t from wax. I suggest she see her own doctor for an evaluation. She isn’t pleased.

She points to her left ear again and says:

But this is the one I use to watch TV.


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