Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | September 17, 2008

In Which I Must Brag (Because I Rock!)

I am thrilled to pieces to announce that not only did I pass the Family Medicine Recertification exam that I took back in July, but I did it with a higher score than I got on my original Certification exam back in 1989 and BOTH my re-certs in 1995 and 2001.

I’d read somewhere that the usual pattern is for scores on this exam to decrease somewhat with each recertification cycle, which sort of makes sense. The more time away from training (and the In-Training exams we took annually, created by the same Board) the rustier one’s grasp on the basics might be expected to grow. This is indeed what happened to me the first two times I took the test (technically the second and third times.) But as of seven years ago, I was still at the 80th percentile, so I wasn’t really worried about failing.

Still, I have to admit that I was as surprised as I was pleased to find out that my composite scaled score put me in the 94th percentile of everyone who took this exam.

So to all my patients reading this blog: See; I really do know what I’m doing.

[Off to do the Snoopy dance of happiness!]
(Many thanks, SS!)


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