Posted by: notdeaddinosaur | March 28, 2008


Vaguely modeled on the ridiculous but ubiquitous 1-10 Pain Scale, I would like to introduce the Dinosaur’s


Starting with the extremes:

Forgetting to bring lunch: 1 on the OopsMeter (OM)
Sending warheads instead of batteries: Burying the needle on the OopsMeter

Here are some other examples, from the medical and other worlds:

Saying “Oops” during surgery: 4 OM (h/t Dr. Sid)

Doing the wrong operation: 7 OM
On the wrong side: 8 OM
On the wrong organ: 9 OM
On the wrong patient: 10 OM

Calling your child by the wrong name: 2 OM
Calling your spouse by the wrong name: 5 OM
Calling your spouse by the wrong name during sex: 8 OM

Breaking wind:
Alone in the bathroom: 0 OM
In bed (not alone): 2 OM
During sex: 4 OM
In a crowded elevator: 6 OM
In an elevator with no one but your boss: 8 OM

Driving a 12’6″ truck under a 10’8″ bridge (well, trying to): 9 OM (actually happened to a certain Dinosaur who shall remain numberless)

Forgetting to put the cup in the one-cup coffee maker before turning it on: 5 OM

(To be added to; I’m too tired right now, but wanted to get this posted. Feel free to add your own in the comments.)


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